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Protect your data and boost collaboration through intelligent cloud solutions.

cloud solutions

Get More from Your Data

In a world where business is increasingly done remotely, a dependable cloud solution is a must. Between data storage, collaboration and even disaster recovery, a holistic cloud solution could make the difference between sitting idle and getting a project done on time – even in the face of an event that removes your staff from their workspace.

Smarthost is your source for efficient cloud solutions. Our team can boost your productivity with secure, anytime access to data and documents from anywhere. With the right IT services and support from an active technology partner on your side, the cloud can become your organization’s superpower.

Cloud Migration and transformation

Having difficulties with antiquated workloads of on-premises, deprecated cloud features from host providers, limited access, low visibility, cumbersome user access, lack of granular security controls to meet industry requirements, and limitations from harnessing the power of your data?

With Cloud Migration from Smarthost, our team of AWS, Azure certified professionals will evaluate your current environment, 3rd party hosted vendors or providers and present a migration plan and strategy to migrate workloads from on-prep-to-cloud, cloud tenant-to-tenant environment, thus giving you more control over your security, data and most importantly harness insight, power to make meaningful decision form your data.

cloud services

Our cloud solutions offer benefits like:


Flexibility through scalable solutions


Customized storage configurations


Cost-effective technologies


Lower and predictable monthly cost


Deep knowledge and local support


Flexible licensing

Allow us to become your cloud solutions provider and enjoy peace of mind knowing the Smarthost team is standing by to get you back to work.

Get stronger cloud solutions.

Our Other IT Services

Explore our other services and discover what Smarthost Design Solutions can do for you.
cloud solutions


Government regulations differ around the world and they are constantly changing. If you fail to adhere to these standards, you may face hefty fines and become ineligible to fulfill your contract. Allow us to stay on top of your compliance standing with minimal interruption to your workday.



Communicate and collaborate from anywhere for less through your internet connection. Get a free VoIP assessment.



Protect your organization with an active technology shield. We’ll make sure you’re protected from top to bottom.

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AV, Cabling & Wi-Fi

Keep your eyes and ears on what matters most. Our A/V solutions will keep any space you want under surveillance.


Let’s work together.

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